Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Fantasy, Actually.

You know, considering the fact that Love Actually was made some time between the Siege of Troy and the English Reformation, it’s odd that I’ve never watched it. I saw a brand new copy in a charity shop today and it was only a pound, so I decided to splash out and complete my education.

It was sad. With a film like that you need to find a character with whom you can identify, and I fell just about half way between Billy Mack and Harry, with Jamie hanging from the tassels of my heart like an old plastic flower. And it was clear that my days of being a Colin are long past, which is sad enough, isn’t it?

Billy Mack, seeking old glories

Harry, seeking old thrills

Jamie, seeking the Grail

Colin, living in the now

And I have to say that it was a little short on credibility in lots of ways, not least the fact that the Prime Minister wasn’t a psychopath. That was the greatest and saddest fantasy of all.


Madeline said...

This is where I admit that Bill Nighy has always been my ideal casting for you in a movie adaptation of your life.

JJ Beazley said...

Heavens! It just so happens that Bill Nighy has long been a favourite actor of mine (probably because I identify reasonably well with most of his roles) so I'll take this as a compliment if you don't mind. But the real compliment is that you should have given it a second thought. Thanks.