Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Nearly Instant Karma.

I saw a man walking across a car park the other day and watched him, fascinated, all the way into the store. It was because his shock of upswept hair appeared slightly too big for his head, his head seemed slightly too big for his torso, his torso in turn looked slightly too big for his legs, and at the bottom of his legs were two feet encased in the longest pair of winkle picker shoes I’ve ever seen. Had he been wearing make up and gaudy clothes I would have assumed he was a clown on his way to a gig, but he wasn’t: he was wearing a singularly innocuous grey suit. So then I wondered whether he was an alien in a badly judged disguise.

The following day I got hit in the eye by a piece of debris thrown off a farmer’s hedge trimming machine. It hurt. The eye is still slightly sore and bloodshot, and the socket a little bruised. I suppose it’s fair recompense for having added unkind judgement to ethically acceptable observation.

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