Monday, 28 September 2015


I just went out to watch the lunar eclipse which started half an hour ago. It didn’t look anything like they said it would. The full moon had simply changed to a waxing crescent; it hadn’t turned red at all. Makes you wonder why we bother, doesn’t it?

But the slug slithering across the path when I went out had changed direction when I came back, like it had a purpose. More hidden messages, I suppose.

Added later:

I just went out again and it still isn't red - just a narrower crescent. But the slug had grown much bigger and was eating the birds' oats on the windowsill, so there must be something of consequence afoot.


Madeline said...

It was pretty impressive at 10:30 PM. Kind of muddy brown/yellow/red. I was at a birthday party and we went outside to look at it and debate its color.

JJ Beazley said...

It was around the same time that I went to bed and looked out of the window. The moon had turned a mixture of brown and brick red, and then it disappeared altogether (which I didn't think it was supposed to do.) By then, unfortunately, I was too tired to care. Failed again.