Monday, 7 September 2015

Having Nothing Much to Say.

So just three little notes.

Firstly, I had another reply tonight to a comment I made on YouTube which led me further to suspect that YouTube is sponsored by the Daily Mail. Brits with brains will know what I mean.

Secondly, I saw an American TV report recently which compared the number of civilian deaths at the hands of police officers in America with those in the UK. It was interesting to hear that the number for one month (March) in America was more than for the whole 20th century in Britain. Allowing for the difference in population, I make that a ratio of around 250:1. Well now, what a multi-faceted line of reasoning that little statistic leads you down.

Being in the habit of saving the best ’til last, I thought I’d post two pictures which illustrate why I’m a dog man. I posted them back in the early days, but everybody who was reading then left me en route to either heaven, university or Bedlam.

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