Thursday, 24 September 2015

An Epiphany of Sorts.


All the stuff I’ve been working out over the years (and getting hopelessly confused about.) The sentence I placed at the bottom of this blog when I started it five and a half years ago. The conversation I had with somebody only today about the relationship between the body, the brain, the mind, the consciousness, rebirth and the universe. The glimpses I occasionally get of the matrix in action which make me wonder whether I’m ready for the funny farm...

And suddenly, tonight, I watch an hour long video in which a bunch of quantum physicists (and a man for whom I organised a public presentation thirteen years ago) read it all back to me.

As the Rev Jim said: ‘You mean I’m right?!’

This I can’t believe. I’m just another nondescript little individual (individual?) wandering through a mire of fantastical speculation in a pointless attempt to make sense of life, death and the nature of being. I don’t think I’ve ever been right about anything important, so why start now? Apart from anything else, it places a responsibility on me to change my version of reality, and I’m far too lazy for such an undertaking.

Time for another piece of buttered toast. Time to tell myself that the enjoyment is real, but the toast is an illusion (after Richard Bach.) Time to go back to YouTube and enjoy some simple music (and ask myself why I’m enjoying it… because the life experience is nothing but perception… I think…)

Shit! Should I post this? Why not? Do I care what anybody thinks? Not really.

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