Friday, 11 September 2015

Reluctantly Defending Psychopaths.

Running on from the last post, a few quick musings on psychopaths:

1. A psychopath can’t help being a psychopath. It’s all a matter of how certain areas of the brain are formed.

2. The unpalatable traits exhibited by a psychopath are only unpalatable to a non-psychopath. It’s all a matter of perception.

3. The reason for their success in so many areas of life is that human society generally values the holding of power and status above qualities like service and compassion, and the psychopath just happens to be mentally well equipped to acquire such trappings.

All of which makes me wonder whether there’s a single word for people like me who stand at the opposite end of the spectrum (which I can’t help either.)

I keep going out to look for my friend the mother hedgehog, but I haven’t seen her since the night I heard her bark. There’s an obvious connection with the above.

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