Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Obeying the Voice.

I was going to write a post on the subject of Inconsiderate People – What Makes Them That Way and What Should You Do About It? It was going to be one of those 'let's examine this rationally and not get too personal about it' sort of posts. But then I got this voice sounding off in my head again.



‘You’re not as smart as people think you are, you know that?’


‘So don’t try.’

What else is there?

‘Lighten up some.’ (The Voice pretends he’s American sometimes, but he isn’t really.) ‘Ever get your IQ tested?’



Erm… some time in my thirties.

‘Who set the paper?’


‘Right. Cosher.’

Suppose so.

‘What did you score?’

I’d prefer not to say.

‘Embarrassed, huh?’

Something like that.

‘Okay, Stormin' Norman, so what are you going to post instead, now we’ve established you’re an under-achiever?’

Some music?

‘What music?’

I thought I’d post my latest favourite from The Borg’s Tumblr.


Because I like it...

‘And you like this Borg dame, right?’ (So coarse, these pretend Americans.)

Well… yeah.

‘Good thinkin’. I’m off to hit the sack.’

(The prospect of being skinned alive by an archaeologist who then buries your bones before digging them up again, exclaiming ‘Hey guys, look what I found’ is a curiously surreal sort of nightmare.)


Madeline said...

As one of my professors used to say, "In 100 years, we'll all be part of the archaeological record."

Except me. I'll still be here. No need to resort to murder; I can wait.

Thought you might like PC.

JJ Beazley said...

I did, I did. (Like PC, that is.)

A hundred years... If my suspicions are anywhere close to being correct, you'll probably be a bus driver in Bombay and I'll be a ballet dancer in Beijing.

Such fun! Enough drink for one night. Bed.

JJ Beazley said...

You know, Mad, your mind is acute and generally pragmatic, but your sense of humour is often oblique and therefore subtle. Being tired and a little soaked last night, I didn't get it. Sorry. Got you now.