Thursday, 10 September 2015

Back to Basics.

Shortly after I made my final post last night I began to be afflicted with internet problems. First I couldn’t access my blog or anybody else’s, and then a process of slow degradation set in as website after website fell to the dreaded message: Cannot connect to www… My main email account and the BBC news pages were among the casualties. Fortunately, one of the few facilities left standing was YouTube, and so I listened to a late late song and went to bed. Today I discovered that the fault lay with my service provider, and all is apparently now well again.

It’s been that sort of a week, beset by the most astonishing catalogue of malfunctions on a daily basis – physical, technological and bureaucratic. And none of it was my fault. The woman at the power company, for example, admitted that I’d done everything right; it was their system that was up the creek. She apologised, but by then I was already getting hazy glimpses of reality represented as an oil painting in which the burnt umber is cracking and melting and dribbling indecorously downwards.

Is this just bad luck? Is the system under which we operate cracking up? Are the stars in malevolent alignment at the moment? Is some invisible entity playing games with me? Is it a matrix thing? Is my mind slipping off the rails and projecting all the wrong energies? Did I ask to come here or was I forced?

Today I weeded the border around the greenhouse. It worked.

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