Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Tonight's Ramble.

I think I’m finally shutting the door on a busy and difficult day. Why it was busy and difficult would take too long to explain, but I can meander through a few inconsequential bits of it, if you like.

The snow is melting in the Shire, leaving a patchwork of green and white on the fields. By the light of tonight’s full moon, of course, it looked black and white. It looked harsh and unresponsive. It felt harsh and unresponsive. It’s very cold and quiet out there.

Mel crashed her car yesterday and is very emotional. She has a black eye and lacerations, apparently, and the car is a right off. She’s been having a very bad time lately. In fact, most of the best people I know have been having a very bad time lately. Why I got included in the trend is a mystery.

I met my new Greek dentist today. Nice chap, but he handles a scaling tool like a builder handles a pneumatic drill. And I was a little brusque with Lucy, his nurse. Lucy has sharp, penetrating eyes, the eyes of a woman who does her own thing, and it wasn’t her fault that I was feeling under the weather. I’d quite like to apologise, but I don’t suppose I’ll see her again for another six months. Lucy has quite a bundle of attributes actually, and it isn’t at all like me to be brusque with a young woman possessed of quite a bundle of attributes. Either I must have been feeling unusually under the weather, or I’m older than I think I am. Or maybe the bear in me was just a bit restive today.

The supermarket had my bread for once, but I didn’t find any old ladies to talk to. Not that I was looking too hard, but you know what I mean.

*  *  *

My last post was a bit rambling and badly structured, wasn’t it? I thought of taking it down, but decided against it. That’s who I was at two o’clock this morning (being a bit spaced out and in the throes of the fatigue thing) and what right do I have to take somebody else’s post down?


Sara said...

Your dentist story reminded me of something...

I was refilling our big, 10L water bottles at this place in the next town over, and this old-ish fella who worked there was trying to help me. He was staring at me (such help!), and I looked at him and sort of smiled, only because he was old-ish and non-threatening. That was his invitation, I suppose.

"Are you my dentist?" He asked.


"Are you my dentist?"

I chuckled. "No, definitely not."

"Are you sure? You look so much like her, and you even sound like her! The way you speak -- it's the same!"

"Yes, I'm sure. I'm absolutely *not* your dentist."

He did have nice teeth though.

JJ Beazley said...

So were you speaking Turkish or English with an American accent?

Sara said...

Ugh, you insult me! Turkish with a Turkish accent, thank you. People don't know I wasn't born here, more often than not.

JJ Beazley said...

Oops! Sorry. Congratulations.