Saturday, 30 March 2013

About Talking and Tongues.

I was thinking this morning about how I use different versions of English depending on who I’m talking to (or even ‘to whom I’m speaking,’ if you prefer.) I often adjust the words and phrases I use in order to accord with what I perceive to be their normal linguistic idioms. Is this because I want to belong, or because I want to be more readily understood? I don’t know. (It does occur to me, though, that if I’d put this much effort into learning foreign languages, I’d be a clever bloke by now.) I even do it on this blog, but that has more to do with what time of day it is and what mood I’m in.

And talking of this blog, Google stats tells me I’ve had a record number of page views this month. I find it hard to understand why people read this blog at all, and the fact that they’re doing so in increasing numbers is a complete mystery. Maybe it’s the same as the reason why people used to be fascinated by freak shows in circuses. No comments, please.

I broke the back and side off another tooth last night, and now it’s scratching my tongue. I do wish something uplifting would happen for a change.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. I was just considering the same behavior in myself the other day. We wear masks/filters/facades, I think, and they're designed to meet harmoniously with those people we're interacting with.

Many of mine are just versions of myself, often because I don't feel totally at ease with whomever I'm interacting.

I think... it's just a thing we do. It's tough being a living creature -- too complex sometimes.

JJ Beazley said...

I think it's fairly rare for any of us to be totally at ease with anybody. We usually keep some bits of ourselves veiled, even with those we're close to.

I had a manager once who was just the same with everybody, and she always seemed at ease with everybody. I think that was mainly what made her a living legend with those who knew her.