Saturday, 23 March 2013

The White Damnation.

We had more snow last night, rather a lot of it. It’s drifted in the wind, so cars will have to be dug out if people are to brave the road conditions. The weather forecaster said last night ‘It’s unusual to get snow this late in March.’ Yeah, right.

The first job this afternoon will be to check the loft. I once spent a whole Saturday clearing snow out of a loft in another old house I lived in, which was what put me off the white stuff in the first place. It happened twice the same winter – in December and January. March was safe in those days.

Sorry to keep harping on about the weather, but, as the lady said, this is a bit unusual.


Anonymous said...

I read in the news this morning that northwestern England had been hit hard with snow, and thought of you. We still have snow, but it's not unheard of till after April 10th or so. And when I was living in Rochester NY it snowed in May and no one was very surprised. Scary.

JJ Beazley said...

The band of snow ran from north west England down into the north Midlands where I live, and refused to move. It's been snowing almost non stop for two days. Still is. Paradoxically, though, a woman was killed in the south west yesterday when a landslip caused by heavy rain demolished a block of flats.

It's just been an unusual winter this year - more persistent than we're used to and with a greater number of substantial snowfalls. I suppose we shouldn't complain. At least we don't get the hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis or extensive mud slides that some people routinely get. And your neck of the woods did get Sandy and Frankenstorm, which must have been pretty awful.