Friday, 29 March 2013

In Need of Androcles and the Sieve Problem.

I was wondering why my right heel hurt when I walked, so I had a look and discovered that I had a thorn in it. I picked at it with a pin so much and so deeply (ouch) that it bled, and now I can’t tell whether the thorn is out or not.

Lions and people with competent spouses have all the luck, don’t they?

*  *  *

A greater preoccupation, however, is what to do with the new sieve I’ve bought for the kitchen (the old one was turning rusty and falling apart.) The problem is that it has a longer handle, so when I hang it on the existing hook, it doesn’t hang at all. It rests on the work surface, and that’s no good. The hook is one of those stick-on plastic types which I inherited with the house, and I’m damn sure it isn’t going to come off cleanly. Stick-on plastic types never do (it’s the same with stick-on plastic type people.)

Difficult times bring difficult problems, and it isn’t even 2am yet.

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