Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Being All About Aspirations.

I went to a garden centre today to get a bag of gravel, and had a good look round while I was there. I was amazed at how many expensive nick-nacks there are (most of them a bit tacky in my view) to give prosperous people something to spend their money on so as to make their garden an extension of the living room. £1400 for a garden table, for example. £1400 is about what it costs to keep a fire burning in the grate on winter nights – for twenty years.

That’s what life-for-lifestyle is about though, isn’t it? Spend for the sake of spending. It’s what separates the worthy, successful people from the failures like me.


Anonymous said...

Wild, eh? And by wild, I mean totally gross. Folks' priorities are ass-backwards.

Thanks for the comment on my most recent post. It was wonderful.

JJ Beazley said...

Was it? Oh, good. I always tell the truth at that time of night.