Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thinking Aloud.

While I was in Ashbourne today I was watching one of the teenage pupils from the local high school and it struck me that I was once exactly the same age as he is now. Suddenly, I was consumed by the notion that there’s something absurd about the process of ageing. Thoughts ensued (as they do.)

It seemed reasonable to postulate that existence is eternal.

If existence is eternal, then everything in it must also be eternal.

We know, however, that material manifestation isn’t eternal. It’s born, it ages, it withers, it dies. The material itself might be recycled, but the manifestation isn’t.

Ergo, material manifestation isn’t a fundamental part of existence, but some sort of illusory projection in which we’re trapped by the great trickster Time.

Those aspects of manifestation which are sub-material, most notably consciousness, might reasonably be assumed to be eternal. Thoughts are repeatable, but not recyclable.

The above might be a complete load of rubbish. I don’t know anything, and it’s easier to carry on strutting and fretting my hour upon the stage since philosophy can be as tedious as everything else if you let it to take you over. I’m just thinking aloud. Nevertheless, it does add an interesting slant to the doctrine of life, death and rebirth, and the question of whether trees are conscious.

So then I had two cheese and onion rolls for lunch. And tonight’s beer is Shepherd Neame’s ‘Spitfire’ Premium Kentish Ale, which was on special offer at £1 a bottle. £1 for nearly a pint of top quality beer is pretty damn cheap. I also got another litre bottle of Whyte & McKay whisky, which was also still on special offer. No, I haven’t finished the first one yet.

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