Saturday, 30 March 2013

Being the Ghost in the Machine.

I was sitting here this afternoon musing on the broken tooth, the cycle of negativity that’s been going on for the past two years, the fatigue problem, the increasing social isolation, etc, etc, when I became suddenly possessed of the notion that I’m not a real person at all. I’m actually a formless entity floating in some timeless void beyond the furthest reaches of the solar system, talking to a few people through their computers.

That’s how it seemed. I expect the psychologists have a name for it.

Meanwhile, the pub car park was unusually full tonight, and nobody told me there was something going on. But then, the music I could hear playing behind the closed curtains was country and western, so I was glad I wasn’t inside anyway. I don’t like country and western. And I found another constellation I want to identify. Just off to put ‘constellations close to Polaris’ into Google. I’ve no idea why I bother.

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