Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Woman from The Walsage and Other Notes.

I encountered another Shire resident on the walk tonight. The Woman from The Walsage came out to take her dogs for a run in the field shortly after I passed the house. My first intimation of company was the sight of a disembodied torch following me along the lane, but when it entered the glare of the security light at the metal fabrication shed, it showed itself to be accompanied by a human personage, and the personage was accompanied by dogs. I recognised them; they usually bark at me from The Walsage yard as I pass. Tonight they were frolicsome and silent. The Woman from The Walsage and I exchanged a greeting as I was making my way back. She was leaning on the gate of a field and the dogs were continuing to frolic. Whether she recognised me, I don’t know. If she did, I expect my reputation will be enhanced. If she didn’t, then maybe rumours will be rife.  I still expect to be chased to the mill by people with pitchforks one of these days.

*  *  *

I watched a documentary tonight about the war in Iraq, with particular reference to the WMD issue. The last words came from the reporter and an Iraqi ‘informant.’

‘So the war in Iraq was based entirely on a lie?’


Blair, Bush and Powell came out of it smelling of the rear end renderings of a male cow. But then, I think we all knew that already, didn’t we? And the only person who smiled throughout the whole programme was a German. Such irony.

*  *  *

After the documentary finished, I took to wondering what the population of Europe would be now if the Black Death had never happened, or if the First World War had never happened. Makes you wonder whether somebody is pulling strings, doesn’t it?

*  *  *

I’m currently enjoying the company of a curvaceous blonde. To be more precise, the bottle is curvaceous, the beer is blonde. It’s all to do with it having been brewed from Kentish hops, apparently. Kentish hops produce blonde beer. The label proudly proclaims that it has ‘an aroma of spices, honey and caramel.’ Fortunately, it tastes of beer.

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