Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Mundane Tuesday.

I had a dream last night in which I was engaged in a great adventure. I travelled to Scotland in search of an inscription on a church wall. I found it and photographed it, then brought it back home where I found a second inscription on the wall of my local church. I knew that the two together would provide the clue to an ancient mystery, and was just beginning to compare them when I woke up. I tried to go back to sleep, to go back into the dream to continue breaking the code. No joy, so I spent most of the available day painting a ceiling instead. Such is life.

And there was little of note on the walk tonight. No Women from Walsages walking dogs, no disturbing sounds of predators going about their business, no mysterious gruntings from beyond the field boundary hedges. There were lots of planes, though, flying unusually low en route to East Midlands Airport. I still get a kick from seeing planes, you know. I still find it amazing that they stay up there, however much I understand the science.

The only noteworthy event was being suddenly flooded with light as I passed a cottage, evidently from the opening of curtains or a blind. I didn’t turn my head to discover the source. It might have been indecent.

*  *  *

I do wish the winter would release its grip. We have more sub-zero temperatures and snow forecast. Winter is fine during December, when there's novelty value to shutting the blinds early and banking up the fire. And there's Christmas in the air. From January 2nd onwards, however, it becomes increasingly tedious.

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