Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The HSP and the Recluse.

Here’s another take on the HSP problem, deduced from my own observations as a foremost member of the club:

Being cursed (or gifted if you want to be politically correct in the New Age) with acute awareness and a highly sensitive response quotient, you’re naturally inclined to eschew normal human environments because they’re so full of stuff (and people) which drives you mad. This becomes more manifest as you grow older, when the pressure to play the game in social, familial and work environments eases. That’s when the development of a reclusive mindset becomes more active and the need to live a more reclusive lifestyle more compelling. And that’s when the real problem starts.

As you become more reclusive, levels of awareness and sensitivity grow. In effect you become more and more of an HSP. You find yourself becoming increasingly attuned to more subtle influences like natural imperatives and climatic ‘moods.’ And when that happens, a cold, dreary, wet, windy twilight can crush you almost to despair.

It isn’t very nice. And nobody understands and nobody cares, except maybe another HSP who feels the same way, but who you’re unlikely to meet because you’re both recluses…

So if you know somebody who gets crushed by a cold, dreary, wet, windy twilight (or anything vaguely similar), please don’t tell them to ‘stop being silly.’ Be aware that they’re probably an HSP and feel things you don’t.

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