Sunday, 11 June 2017

The Good News.

I read recently that the worldwide consumption of beer is dropping substantially. I must admit that my understanding of the supply and demand curve, and the volume and pricing curve (or whatever it’s called), and where they cross is what businesses use to justify charging more than something is inherently worth, is rusty, but I wonder whether that means the price will go down.

Will there be more supermarket promotions on beer? Will governments be forced to cut the rates of duty so as to support the beer industry? Will my pre-bed times become cheaper? Is there a hint of a silver lining appearing in the stormy sky? Do I feel the breath of a favourable wind rising? Should I try to find a third metaphor because I like the number 3?

I think I’ll go for a shower instead, and then have a bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale with a whisky chaser.

A bigger bottle than mine

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