Monday, 19 June 2017

Being a Bit Far Side.

I got into a conversation with a woman out walking her dog today. Oddly enough she was the first person I spoke to after moving here eleven years ago, and yet I’ve never subsequently had a conversation with her. When we spoke eleven years ago she merely pointed me in the direction of the post box.

What was odd about today’s encounter was the fact that she was using her eyes in a way quite unfamiliar to me. I consider myself a foremost authority on reading people by their eyes, but these were a complete mystery. And she’s the second of the Shire women about whom I’ve noticed such a characteristic. I wonder why they do it. Maybe they’ve been told that I’m a little sub-normal and need to be humoured.

But today’s posts have all been a bit far side, haven’t they? Spirits in statues, disappearing artefacts, and now women with unreadable eyes. I take solace from the fact that if you can’t be strange there’s no point to getting up in the morning.

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