Sunday, 4 June 2017


There’s a day looming which is causing me a lot of disquiet, but this evening I thought: ‘It’s only a day. When it’s over it will be followed by a different day.’

And then I remembered an old Irish folk song called The Streets of Derry which has the opening lines:

After the morning there comes an evening
And after evening another day

‘Quite, quite, how apposite,’ I thought (me being a reluctant and most basic poet who can’t shake the habit of making things rhyme without conscious intent.) But then I remembered what the song is about. It’s about a man who is to be publicly executed the next day and is wondering whether his lady love will come along to watch, or whether she will be too ashamed. Yo?

You can listen to it if you like. Even those for whom folk music is the ultimate turn off will get to find out whether she turned up or not.

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