Friday, 2 June 2017

Devastation Past and Future.

I hate these days when I can’t think of anything to write to the blog.

I could explain the nature of my winds of change problem, but I estimate it would take a 2,000 word essay and that’s way too long for a blog post. I could explain why events in the Shire at the weekend crushed the will to live out of me (temporarily – the will to live is now back; now is the time for sudden showers of dark rain and dull aches.) But I won’t because that would take an even longer essay, the implication being that it isn’t quite what regular visitors and interested parties might think.

*  *  *

So what should I talk about? Should I fall back on the old favourite, Trump? Should I state what is obvious to virtually everybody except Trump supporters? OK, I’ll state the obvious:

Trump is pulling America out of the Paris climate deal. He says that American economic interests are more important than trying to save the planet from increasing devastation. Maybe he thinks that America won’t suffer the effects of climate change, or maybe he hopes that the worst of them won’t happen in his lifetime so he doesn’t care. How should I know? You’d need an electron microscope to even find Trump’s mind, let alone fathom how it works.

What is fairly apparent at the moment, however, is that America’s position as leader of the free world is looking increasingly untenable. I said in an earlier post that putting America first doesn’t sit in easy accord with making America great. Well, here you have it. China’s star, on the other hand, was given a boost today when they said they would honour the agreement. But then, Chinese culture is underpinned by Taoist, Buddhist and Confuscianist philosophy, and it has a long history on its side.

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