Friday, 9 June 2017

Beset by the Wrong People.

It’s time for election fever to grip the country here in the UK, but I’m afraid I’m not gripped. I’m more concerned about the guy painting the interior of next door. He shouts a lot, plays rubbish on his radio loudly, sings along with it in a high pitched voice (although he wouldn’t know a melody from a particle accelerator), and occasionally squeals like a girl.It's really quite maddening.

I’ve told him to stfu several times, but I don’t think he hears me. I suspect he’s too busy focusing on the pride he probably takes in his beer belly and beef burger waddle. But then, I doubt that his brain is any bigger than Theresa May’s higher mind and he does have an unnerving knack of breaking into serious conversations with phrases like ‘but at least the rain kept off.’ I think I shall be very glad to see the back of him (for good.)

And I could well say the same of Theresa May, but I fear it is not to be. Exit polls suggest that the result will be a victory for the Tories but possibly without an overall majority. Given the state of opinion polls at the start of the campaign, such a result would effectively be a victory of sorts for the Labour Party and a real smack in the face for Mrs Ratty. I suppose that would be something to celebrate.

And do you know what I discovered yesterday? Stephen Hawking's IQ is only three points higher than mine, and yet I don't actually know what a particle accelerator is.

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