Sunday, 11 June 2017

Mrs Ratty and the Sinking Ship.

Subsequent to Theresa May’s disastrous scuppering of the Tory ship and the calls for her resignation from all quarters of the known universe, today’s news was all about her cabinet reshuffle. Into the seats of power have come several of her known allies (from a dwindling breed, no doubt) which the news report said was to ‘shore up her authority.’

What a damning phrase that is. How well a simple four-word phrase can imply so much. And how gratified I am that the opinion I’ve expressed so fervently on this blog, ever since Mrs May somehow connived to get the Leader’s job after the Brexit vote, is being vindicated.

Meanwhile, the man who was Chancellor of the Exchequer under Cameron said in a TV interview that Theresa May is ‘a dead woman walking.’ I’ve been trying to re-arrange the words to better suit my feelings on the matter, but I think they’re quite good enough.

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