Tuesday, 20 June 2017

An Unlikely Source of Learning.

Working and walking, musing and talking. That was today. So now I’m settled with a cup of coffee and I want to write a blog post, but what to write about?

Tell them about the carpet fitters.

No. Boring.

What about how hot it’s been Britain the past few days.

It’s hotter in Phoenix.

You could talk about seeing the owl more often this year, and wax lyrical about its buoyant flight.

It’s already been done. I read it in a book once.

Erm… I know, the racist you had a go at on YouTube.

Nah, I’ve thought about him enough already.  Ah, but that gives me an idea…

YouTube, yes. I decided today that YouTube is the best of all places to learn about the human condition because all human life appears in the comments. There’s wisdom from the heights, mindless expressions of all shades of ordinariness from the valleys, dreaminess from somewhere up a tree, and venomous prating from Nazis in the slimy sewers. It’s all there.

Some is uplifting, some is boring, some is amusing, some is just plain stupid, and some is deeply disturbing. There’s even the odd surprise.

And that’s the point, you see; that’s the human condition. So thank you, YouTube, I’ve learned a thing or two. It wasn’t always what I wanted to learn, but learning is learning when all’s said and done.

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