Thursday, 15 June 2017

A Stuttering Blog.

Recent posts haven’t been so good; you can tell I’m dredging the bottom of the barrel at the moment, can’t you? That’s because certain things haven’t changed very much, such as the fact that I’m still missing a certain person quite badly, the waters of life are still choppy, and there are still storm clouds on the horizon. But why indulge in tedious repetition?

Apart from that, such things as are happening at the moment are complex and lacking the potential for humorous comment, disdainful outbursts, or lyrical expression. (Besides, Ivanka Trump says that I’m a very unpleasant person for speaking disparagingly about her dad, and far be it from me to gainsay a woman who dresses and talks like a Barbie Doll.) So I’m at a bit of a loss.

I admit to being intrigued by the sudden rash of visits from Illinois by a person using an iPad or iPhone, and I’m even more intrigued to know why somebody from Utah would explicitly seek out a post entitled An Antipodean Muse, since the antipodes of Utah is in the southern Indian Ocean a very long way from anywhere. And that, at least, did set me off on an educational journey. I searched for and discovered a website which gives the antipodes of every point on earth, and I discovered that the true antipodes of England is in the Pacific Ocean to the south east of New Zealand.

So then I remembered a film I watched once in which a bunch of 17th century English coalminers kept digging down into the earth until they came out the other side. Where they emerged was on a hill overlooking one of the Australian cities, at which point it became a story about time shift and culture shock. Actually, they should have just drowned.

And I did muse today on the question of why some people prefer dogs to cats, and decided it was something to do with the fact that humans might recognise the nature of a cat’s intelligence, but they don’t actually understand it. So then I mused on why other people prefer cats to dogs, but stopped when I realised that I might come up with an answer which would risk offending my friend Maddie…

This isn’t going anywhere. Bye.

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