Saturday, 3 June 2017

Having the Wrong Label.

The problem with being thought wise is that you get set up to be shot at. There always comes a point when some little foible or sensibility or neurosis, or maybe some prejudice which you haven’t been able to shake off yet however much you’ve tried to rid yourself of all childhood conditioning (which is where most prejudices come from, I think), shows itself and you stand accused. And then you are condemned. And then the firing squad arrives and down you go.

I’m really not very wise, but for some reason there are people who think I am and I wish they wouldn’t. It puts pressure on you not to show your imperfections. How do you remain authentic if you hide your imperfections?

Wise or not, I am at least aware of the fact that I’ve been very introspective on this blog lately. I dislike that; I consider it one of my imperfections that I wear my heart, mind and personality on my sleeve, but I have to do it if I’m to be authentic. I like authentic.

And there’s a lot going on in my little world lately, both externally and internally. Among other things, the total eclipse of the sun which happened last weekend has left a legacy in its wake: bands of black cloud keep sweeping in from the west, darkening the day and leaving me groping for a light. And all without any reasonable justification whatsoever. That’s how wise I’m not.

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