Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Donald's Delusion.

Trump Claims Credit for Qatar Isolation…

… shouts the headline. It appears Mr Trump believes that his Middle East trip is ‘already paying off’, and that it might end terrorism.

End terrorism? Does he really believe that, or should we take it as a sign that he:

a. Is a complete imbecile, or maybe twisting the facts (one or other of which was certainly true in the case of his tweet against Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London.)

b. Believes that Americans are complete imbeciles and therefore likely to take him seriously.

c. Has an ego so dangerously over-cooked that the Oval Office might one day have a ceiling spattered with the projected remnants of whatever passes for a brain.

Well, given recent events and ongoing investigations, I suppose it’s understandable that he should clutch at straws. But I wonder whether he realises that in the eyes of the world he is looking like the consummate loser. (There have been calls in Britain this week to have his proposed state visit later in the year cancelled. Boris Johnson says he sees no reason to comply, but then Boris ever was out of step with the public mood and most aspects of reality.)

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