Sunday, 18 June 2017

Becoming Pygmalion.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d bought an 18”-tall statuette of a Chinese lady (all done up in posh gear, probably Tang Dynasty, and accompanied by peacocks. Remember? OK.) She now stands in a very prominent position in my living room, and now she has a name:

The Lady Fu

When I bought her I had a feeling she would bring me good luck. Maybe she even told me she would bring me good luck, for how can one tell? Well, I received good luck within minutes of bringing her out of the shop – £5 worth of good luck, which is a small start but it wasn’t her fault that I’d been clumsy. The problem was sorted. And that’s why I named her The Lady Fu, because ‘fu’ is one of the words for good fortune in Chinese (whether Mandarin or Cantonese or both I don’t know, but at least it’s Chinese and she seems happy with it.)

And that’s what’s special about her. She looks happy to be here. She has a beautiful, happy smile – so beautiful and happy, in fact, that even I smile every time I look at her. (You might have guessed by now that I don’t smile much.) I think I might be forgiven for regarding her as the wife I never had.

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