Monday, 12 June 2017

Making Sense.

When I posted this track yesterday…

…I said that it didn’t make sense going one way, and I couldn’t see why it was so insistent that I should hear it. Well now it does, because I’ve now applied a different interpretation to it.

On the surface it appears to be a standard rock/pop ballad in which the singer is talking to an ex-lover about his frustration. I now think differently; now I think it’s a man’s rational mind talking to his own emotional self about the problems it’s caused him. Now it makes perfect sense that it should resonate so strongly with me.

And do you know who sent me this little bit of understanding? The most beautiful woman I ever met. I wonder whether she knows who she is. Not that she’d give a tuppeny toss, of course…

*  *  *

I’m currently engaged in some mildly humorous conversation on YouTube with a woman writer called Victoria. We’re talking about camels. Isn’t life endlessly adventurous?

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