Sunday, 18 June 2017

Questioning Reason.

Things continue to disappear from my garden – tools mostly, but not exclusively – in situations which preclude the possibility of what is usually called a ‘rational explanation.’ But what is a rational explanation?

Some might suggest that they are being spirited away by more subtle entities which share our space, beings commonly called the fey, the little people, kelpies etc. Alternatively, they might be disappearing through some kind of portal into a parallel dimension. Would those two explanations be irrational? How do you know?

It’s just that I’m coming to suspect ever more strongly that the world of phenomenal reality is actually only a small part of a bigger, more complex picture. I can’t claim to know this because I can’t prove it, which is why I don’t preach or read New Age literature, but I am reminded of the baby at full term. It’s conscious and sentient, yet all it knows of reality is the confined space in which it’s been growing for the past nine months. And then look what happens. Could the truth be something along those lines?

(And it might or might not be merely coincidence that all the tools which have disappeared have been old ones which I’ve had for a long time. None of the newer ones have gone.)

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