Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A Post Without Purpose.

I started writing another this-is-who-I-am post, but discontinued it on the grounds that it was boring me. And if it bores even me, it must be bad. It was going to be about the need to engage with multiple personalities in order to deal with life’s vicissitudes. Hey ho.

Instead I thought I’d mention that tonight’s beer is called Tangle Foot, and comes from the Badger brewery down in the misty and mystical south west (Dorset, to be precise. Dorset is the place to which archaeologists are drawn in order to dig holes in the hill forts, and geologists to vandalise the ancient sea cliffs. It’s very mystical.)

The Brewery has been going since 1777, apparently, which makes it 240 years old. Fortunately, the beer doesn’t taste that old, but 240 is about the age of some of the trees where I live. I doubt the same can be said of the badgers.  

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