Friday, 25 May 2012

Picture Post 10 - Final Oddments.

This is the last picture post for now. Maybe I'll do more in the summer when the landscape and garden have changed. I realise I haven't got one of the river or the pub, so stay tuned for a few more weeks, eh?

A lone ash tree in Church Lane. This is significant
because the ashes are leafing very late this year;
they're about two weeks behind the oaks, and
according to country lore, that's supposed to augur
a dry summer.

The view down the path and across the Shire from
my spare bedroom window. It's the place from 
which I could send messages by flashlight in
morse code to the Lady B (if only I could remember
it and she could read it.)

A single primrose among the forget-me-nots in
the verge under the Old Rectory hedge.

My apple blossom.


Anthropomorphica said...

Gorgeous! The Shire is certainly a delightful place.Flashlight morse code sounds fun!

JJ Beazley said...

Yeah. The window isn't quite big enough for semaphore.