Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Mixed Fortunes.

The old blog seems to have been a bit dormant today. Visitor numbers are down, and nobody seems willing to tell me what an American ‘unincorporated community’ is.

But then, our weather is still holding at the moment, so I’ve been in the garden all day. Temperatures are due to plummet from Thursday onwards, and there’s said to be rain on the way. The rain we need.

Two notable happenings:

1) I received a splendid and entirely unexpected e-mail from the priestess, for whom Camelot is proving a disappointment. Well, it would, wouldn’t it? She’s way above that sort of thing. E-mails from the priestess have a way of altering my consciousness, so I felt like a different person after I’d read it.

2) The landlord’s agent apologised for the fact that I haven’t received my completed contract yet. He apologised? Yup.

I suppose I might also mention that I was reading through one of those little marketing booklets full of useless items at lunchtime. Being the sort of person who needs to buy something just because it’s there, I considered the goodies on offer. I couldn’t decide between the little light tree ‘that will look great on the TV, mantelpiece or table,’ the talking Bible, or the incontinence underwear. Seems I just can’t spend money even when I want to.

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