Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Watching the Trump Show.

I’m not going to comment on Meredith McIver’s ‘confession’ that she was responsible for the hilarious Trump plagiarism gaffe, since if she isn’t totally incompetent one must assume that she isn't the first junior to take the fall for somebody else. I’m not going to comment on the Trump’s claim that the whole sorry mess was good publicity for his campaign. I’m not going to comment on the 36 hours Sean Spicer, Trump’s campaign strategist, spent denying the charge of plagiarism, nor his assertion that the same words can be found in My Little Pony. The whole thing resembles a better than average TV sitcom because it’s mildly amusing to see people with egg on their faces trying to get it off by scuba diving in a bowl of omelette mix.

Instead, let’s leave the final word to Ms McIver, who said:

I’m honoured to be working for such a great family.

God bless America (when he picks himself up off the floor.)

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