Sunday, 10 July 2016

A Non-Amazing Fact.

I watched one of those 10 Amazing Facts that Will Astonish You! videos on YouTube recently. I’ve watched videos from that channel before and they’re usually sensible and reasonably trustworthy. One of the amazing facts on this one, however, related to a claim that cows always face north when they’re grazing. Nobody knows why, but they do.

Actually, they don’t. I’ve watched the cows grazing in the field behind my house a good many times, and they’re usually all facing different directions. What’s more, if they’re walking while grazing, they’ll often change direction in the process.

I think this must be a rare example of a non-urban myth.

*  *  *

One of tonight's recommendations in the Amazing Facts genre was entitled Giant Humanoid Seen Walking on a Cloud at 30,000 Feet. (And it had a picture of said strolling giant to prove it.) There must be a Donald Trump joke in there somewhere, but to my shame I can't find one.

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