Friday, 1 July 2016

Eastenders Comes to Westminster.

The political drama in post-Brexit Britain is turning into something resembling the lowest level of soap opera. Both major parties are tearing themselves to shreds with internecine strife over leadership issues, but they’re doing it quite differently.

In the case of Labour, it’s a relatively simple rebellion led by the Blairites against the left wing leader Corbyn. I suppose there’s at least something straightforward about that, although it seems to me to be fundamentally undemocratic since the Blairites are forgetting that it wasn’t they who gave Jeremy the leader’s chair, but the rank-and-file party members.

Much more interesting and informative is the situation in the Conservative Party, where so-called statesmen are relinquishing their veneers of decency and integrity rather more easily than a call girl relinquishes her knickers. The closest they come to a Code of Conduct is the Backstabber’s Charter.

But at least Boris is out of the reckoning, stabbed in the back by his pal and fellow Leave campaigner, Michael Gove. (And a lot of pre-Brexit pals are no longer pals.) Now he can go back to being a clown, which is what he does best. And what’s interesting is that there seem to be a lot of people saying ‘We mustn’t backslide on Brexit,’ which probably means that a lot of influential people will be doing whatever they can to backslide on Brexit.

These are the people who are running Britain, and it’s oh such fun.

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