Thursday, 14 July 2016

Smelling Mrs May.

Sorry to go on about this, but the more I see of Theresa May and her departmental changes, the more I’m having suspicions about an undeclared agenda.

Wasn’t it a little suspicious that Boris Johnson got pushed out of the leadership race, only for the pusher to be voted out by the Parliamentary party and the inexperienced Johnson given a senior ministerial brief? Wasn’t it a little suspicious that Andrea Leadsom inexplicably pulled out of the final contest, thus putting Mrs May into Number 10 without her first having to go through a ballot of Tory members? And then – surprise, surprise – Mrs Leadsom is also given a ministerial brief, even though she, too, has little experience of government. Isn’t it a little suspicious that Mrs May has now disbanded the department dealing with climate change, and its function transferred to that dealing with business initiative? Let’s ask which sector has been the biggest enemy of action to address climate change ever since climate change became an issue? The big business sector has. And all this just as Britain prepares to leave the EU, after which it will no longer be subject to EU regulations.

And here’s another uncomfortable thought: Before Brexit, Noam Chomsky warned that if Britain left the EU it would come more under the influence of America. So which major power has been the most ready to drag its feet on climate change action because it would threaten the interests of big business? Is it any wonder that I’m curious to know just how far Monsanto’s poisoned tentacles are capable of reaching?

So as I said, the more I see of Mrs May and the whole suspicious business, the more I’m beginning to smell a very big and very odoriferous rat.

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