Saturday, 23 July 2016

Lane Encounters.

I was walking along a little-frequented lane today when I felt something bang into the back of my leg. Being mildly alarmed (it being a little-frequented lane, you understand) I turned to see a black Labrador dog wishing to make friends. Needless to say she got her wish in abundance, and was then taken home to ensure she didn’t follow me to the sort of lane frequently frequented by motor vehicles. The next black Labrador I passed barked at me menacingly. Such is life.

In commemoration of the pleasanter encounter, I post herewith a 3 minute clip from a M Hulot film in which he makes friends with a dog on a lane occasionally frequented by motor vehicles. And the kid with his head in the steering wheel is one of those tiny bits of magical cinematic humour which you don’t see much of these days. Whatever happened to charm?

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