Sunday, 24 July 2016

China and the Human Aspiration.

There are things about China which trouble me, like the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and the mean-minded attitude of the Chinese government towards Tibet, for example. But China is also an ancient, sophisticated, highly creative civilisation with a depth of soul which must give us pause.

This video was made in China by Chinese people. It’s about a theatrical spectacle given by performers stricken with a variety of disabilities, and who either use those disabilities to produce something beautiful and meaningful, or at least rise above them to the same end. It encapsulates why I have asked the question on this blog:

Why is the human creature so obsessed with emulating the animals when it could, instead, aspire to be human?

Because what do we see filling the media day after day ad nauseum? Is it this sort of thing full of joy, higher mind, and superlative achievement made for no other reason than to grow a perfect rose on stony ground? Or is it wars, abuses, deceitful politicians, flagrant manipulation for pecuniary ends, terrorist atrocities and Donald freggin’ Trump?

I hope somebody somewhere gives ten minutes of their time to watch it and be moved. One would be enough to please me greatly.

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