Sunday, 24 July 2016

The Wrong Vibes.

I once watched a music video of a song called Indus by the band Dead Can Dance. It’s an up tempo number that kind of gets you going, you know? Has you moving around in your seat without even trying.

So, being in an elevated mood that night, and feeling the humorous juices flowing freer than the drivel dripping from a Donald Trump speech, and being further energised by the beguiling quality of the rhythm, I made a joke in the comments box. I wrote:

I’m nearly dead, and it even had me dancing.

Dead Can Dance? ‘I’m nearly dead and…’ Get it? Good. My fellow YouTubers didn’t. Ever since then I’ve had them accusing me of ‘low frequency thinking.’

It isn’t an example of low frequency thinking; it’s a joke, for heavens sake. Maybe not a particularly inspired joke, but obviously a play on the band’s name. And dullards who can’t see a joke as obvious as that get on my nerves a bit, which is an example of low frequency thinking. Isn’t it fortunate that irony makes me smile?

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