Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Age of Aquarius?

The world news seems so oversubscribed with violence at the moment – racial strife in America, the atrocity in Nice following on from several others in Europe, the attempted coup in Turkey, the honour killing of a woman in Pakistan which only made the news because she was a celebrity, but which is apparently distressingly common in South Asia… And all come down to rising conflict between those seeking radical change and those seeking to maintain the status quo.

Add to that the millions of refugees curently trying to find a way out of hell, and I wonder whether the world is entering one of those periods of great upheaval which happen occasionally down the centuries. It’s beginning to feel like that to me, and so I wonder what today’s generation of teenagers are going to live through over the next fifty years. Fifty years will see me long gone, but maybe I’ll be back to play my part.

Meanwhile, have a couple of pictures of something that doesn’t change much. Maybe I should have started a series on Moods of the English Lake District. OK, imagine I did.


Crummock Water

And here's a bit of trivia that will truly astound you. Did you know that of all the lakes in the Lake District, only one has the word 'lake' in its official name? That's Bassenthwaite Lake, the one furthest north. All the rest are waters, meres or tarns. Blame the Norwegians.

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