Thursday, 14 July 2016

Something Rotten in the State of Westminster.

You might remember me referring several times to the fact that Michael Gove forced his ‘friend’ Boris Johnson out of the Conservative Party leadership race post-Brexit, and thrust himself into the contest instead. Boris, the Clown Prince of British politics, slunk away apparently into oblivion, while Gove subsequently lost out to Theresa May.

Ah, but now look what’s happened. Gove has been stripped of his Cabinet post, and Boris – of whom I’m hearing nothing less than pejorative being said either in this country or abroad – has been handed one of the top three jobs. That makes the chronically inexperienced Boris a far more senior politician than Gove.

Do you get the impression that there’s something rather less than transparent going on behind the scenes? And don’t you begin to detect a whiff of something suspiciously unwholesome about Mrs May?

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