Saturday, 16 July 2016

A Post Avoided.

I won’t be making a post on last night's atrocity in Nice. I’ve spent all day going through the various angles and every one of them requires much more than a blog post. It would amount to trivialisation, and that would be disrespectful in the extreme.

I would only say that one aspect above all makes me numb. As a person who would suffer remorse and self-loathing if I accidentally ran over a rabbit, understanding a man who can play bowling ball to the skittles of human beings is more than difficult. I’m driven to understand human nature in all its extremes; I mostly make a decent job of it, but this one defeats me.

Might I also say that Mrs May’s response to the atrocity further eroded what little regard I have left for her (which isn’t much.) But that can wait until a more appropriate time.

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