Saturday, 16 July 2016

Magic Mick and Minor Asides.

I see Mr Jagger (or ‘Sir Mick’ as the ever-so-whimsical media like to style him) continues to keep his end up quite manfully. His latest belle is a ballerina forty three years his junior, and she’s just given birth to his seventh child. Since he’s only 72, it makes you wonder whether his final girlfriend has been born yet.

I’m not being in any way judgemental in saying this; their affair is their business and nobody else’s. On the contrary, I’d be more than happy if he set a precedent – as long as he still has the body not to insult hers. I’m afraid that would be my worry if I had his charisma.

*  *  *

And on a note that right-thinking people will no doubt find more wholesome, I thought I’d post a couple of pictures which sort of sum up the charm of the English Lake District. It’s one of my favourite places.

*  *  *

I saw HT 54 in motion today for the first time in a long time. It waved to me, but I couldn't tell whether or not it smiled. It usually does, but you can never tell with Pisces cars. 

*  *  *

And now I’m going to watch a YouTube clip of Favourite Blackadder Quotes (which should be ‘quotations’ but never mind.)

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