Monday, 18 July 2016

Megan the Teenager Talks Krapp.

When I was 10 I thought teenagers were wonderful. When I reached my own teenage years I tolerated most of them. By the time I was 30 I couldn’t stand them. Yet, oddly, the older I get the more I now like them. Even the gaucheness of teenage boys can be quite appealing, and the girls’ propensity for venom is wondrous to behold. But mostly I like their enthusiasm and (usually) their open-mindedness. I have a theory that a world ruled by teenagers would be chaotic, but probably happier.

I had some correspondence by YouTube comment with a teenager last night. I assume it was a girl because its name was Megan, and I assume she was a teenager because everything praiseworthy was ‘da bomb.’

The correspondence was fascinating because I couldn’t make out in which realm her mind was wandering or what the hell she was talking about. I like correspondence like that – reminds me a bit of Samuel Becket. I like Becket, especially Krapp’s Last Tape in which the sole actor has to eat about a dozen bananas every performance while talking very clever nonsense.

And talking of bananas, the one thing Megan said which I did understand was: ‘I only ever eat cooked things. Even my vegetables are cooked. Grilled zucchini is da bomb.’ Pity I don’t know what zucchini is, but never mind. I expect she was American. Anyway, my latest reply reads ‘What about strawberries?’ I’ll keep you posted.


Megan says she's never tried grilled strawberries (O O). My reply:

I've heard they're da bomb if sauted, covered with raw herring's entrails, and then dressed with garlic butter. Being a vegetarian I don't eat herrings or any part of them, so I wouldn't know.

Megan is growing on me. I'll keep you posted. 

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