Saturday, 2 July 2016

Old Animal Buddies.

Having nothing to post about today apart from the fact that I’m becoming extremely fed up with the amount of rain we’ve been getting for the past three weeks, I thought I’d post a couple more pictures of two of my animal companions.

This is Ratty the tomcat, relations with whom weren’t always entirely convivial. He was relentlessly nasty to the she-cat, and was an absolute homicidal (inappropriate adjective I know, but you know what I mean) maniac when it came to birds and rodents. He even dumped a dead baby rabbit on the doorstep once. He was fearless, though. I once saw him sitting on the narrow ledge of next door’s bedroom window, and to this day I can’t explain how on earth he got there. Neither could the woman next door. And his method of crossing the road outside the cottage was simple: head down and go, the consequence of which was that he twice got hit by vehicles. The first incident he survived after a lengthy spell of recuperation; the second he didn’t. The peaceful nature of his pose is far from typical of him.

This is a second picture of the Lady Em doing what Lady Ems liked doing best. The reason for posting it – apart from adding something truly lovely to the blog – is that it’s a very good action picture of a dog. Yes, I do say so myself.

And ten months after the car despatched Ratty, heaven took Em for itself. (Lucy, the she-cat, died with feline leukaemia between the two.)

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