Thursday, 21 July 2016

Just Wondering.

I’d like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to all the wonderful people out there who append all those wondrous comments to my blog posts. I know I don’t deserve them, but I love you all.


Maybe this blog needs to become more specialised. Maybe I should forget the birds and animals, the existential musings, the political commentaries, the silly ditties, the musical notes, the current and historical anecdotes, the fantasy dialogues with fantastical llamas, the latest encounter with the woman in the coffee shop and other strange beings, the occasional repetition of the equation Google = glitches + grief, and probably many more which I’ll probably remember later. Maybe it needs a theme. How about:

Fashion and beauty.

I’ll bet fashion and beauty blogs get an average of 5,000 followers and every post at least 25 comments, mostly along the lines of ‘IMHO fair haired people should only ever wear a dark-tinted foundation.’

But therein lies the problem, you see. I’m not exactly sure what foundation is, much less whether it comes in a variety of tones. Nevertheless, I do consider myself an expert on beauty, even though I know nothing at all about make up, which sort of hairstyle best suits a pear shaped face, how you hide a double chin from the disapproving attention of an unkind public, or how to make your cheekbones resemble lethal weapons. But the problem with my type of beauty is that it isn’t photogenic. It isn’t this type, for example, pretty as the young lady undoubtedly was:

As for fashion, I have no knowledge whatsoever to declare, merely my propensity for abstract consideration which the 5,000 followers wouldn’t want to read.

OK, so maybe I won’t bother after all. Maybe I’ll maintain the status quo and hope that somebody from a foreign clime (like Portugal, Romania or Fontana, California) takes pity on me and declares an interest.

(All of which is just a roundabout way of saying ‘Who the hell are you?’ I’ve said most of the rest before. Sorry.)

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