Monday, 11 January 2016


I wrote a post today on the laughable hype that the TV people are now loading onto their coverage of the good old game of snooker. I wrote half of it, then put it away. I wrote the second half, then put it away again. I did a complete re-write to change the thrust, and put it away a third time. I edited it, and then scrapped it.

Because you know what’s bothering me? (Well, actually, it’s currently lying third on a list of about seventeen.) I finally make some sort of resolution to stop drifting away from people, and suddenly people are drifting away from me. Who says God loves a sinner that repenteth?

And the only thing I could find to amuse me was a YouTube video featuring a man singing Ruby Tuesday in Japanese.

(The term ‘Arbroath smokies’ keeps running through my head. I never tried them before I turned vegetarian, and now it’s too late. Make that eighteen.)


Madeline said...

I would reconsider your commitment to vegetarianism if I were you. Arbroath smokies are delicious.

JJ Beazley said...

But it was an ethical decision, Mad. It would take more than the mere prospect of pleasure, however great, to encourage recanting a position so derived.