Friday, 22 January 2016

'Like One That on a Lonesome Road...'

I’ve been in a disturbed frame of mind all day today, apparently without obvious cause. I’ve tried to describe to myself what it feels like and the best I can come with is that it’s like having something following close behind me, regarding me with malevolent intent and breathing down my neck. I can’t see it or feel its breath, but I do sense a dark disturbance in the vicinity of my energy field. It’s why I haven’t made any posts today; that sort of thing eats away at both the desire and the ability to communicate.

I did wonder whether it might be the woman I thought I saw briefly a few nights ago standing at the foot of my stairs. She was wearing a white gown – maybe Victorian or a little earlier – and she was watching me. I got quite excited at the time. I thought it might be Emily Brontë responding to my invitation to ‘haunt me, then.’ Wouldn’t that be exciting? I’d probably be lost for words if she did.

But would Emily have malevolent intent? She doesn’t strike me as having been a malevolent person, but who knows? If she was happily wandering the moors of Haworth, and then suddenly found herself projected into the house of a complete stranger who just wanted to know whether she had a West Yorkshire accent, she might be a bit miffed.

Or I might just be mentally ill.

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